The Power of the Mic

“The idea of reading in rowdy bars in small-town America was nerve-wracking to me as a student there. But once on stage I adopted a persona, and one that I quite liked.”
On the transformative powers of the microphone, from Elwood Writer Margaret McCaffrey’s blog:


In September Elwood Writers recorded our Fathers’ Day stories for Vision Radio Australia (VAR).

I accompanied Barry to the studio for his reading of ‘Phase’, a story about a young man whose relationship with his father deepens and evolves as he explores his sexuality.

While Barry read, presenter, Tim McQueen, edited on the other side of the soundproof glass panel. Barry has a mellifluous voice and it was thrilling to hear his coming of age tale lift of the page and take on a new life. (‘Phase’ is humorous in parts and I had to keep from laughing.)

Singers– whether on stage or in the studio – know the power of the microphone. The amplification of voice carries their music to a wider audience – freeing them to become the song.

The same goes for the spoken word.  The Open Mic forum lets you focus on the true…

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2 thoughts on “The Power of the Mic

  1. The experience of being in a studio recording is so different from that rowdy open-mike setting – but both can be equally thrilling for the reader.


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