Poetry for Public Transport

Elwood Writers’ Helen is published in Poetry for Public Transport #27. Poetry for Public Transport is a regular publication that makes poetry easily available to the many passengers travelling each day on our public transportation systems.

What a wonderful way to spend your journey: reading and contemplating a poem or two while on the bus, tram, train, ferry, or whatever form of transportation you choose to get around. Pop your smartphone away, unplug from social media, and arrive at your destination calm and refreshed. Or maybe you’ll be inspired to seek adventure, go right past your intended stop, and see where the day takes you.

This is an initiative well worth supporting, so if you spy a copy of the publication, please pick it up and read it, then share with your friends, colleagues, and other loved ones.

Poetry for Public Transport #27 | Please do not litter. Recycle.

6 thoughts on “Poetry for Public Transport

  1. Yes, I love coming across this little poetry journal. They’re not easy to find, which makes the all-too-rare thrill of coming across the latest issue in the waiting room of some obscure V/Line station that much more delicious.

    Thanks for bringing it to the attention of more people. The person or persons responsible for this little journal do such a public service for commuters in Melbourne.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Dean. It’s lovely to hear from you. Enthusiasm such as yours is vital in ensuring the survival of small publications. So keep on seeking out and reading the poetry journal, and continue spreading the word. And please continue to visit our site – we love to see you here.


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