More reviews of Every Second Tuesday

Every Second Tuesday | Elwood Writers

Since we last posted, more reviews of Every Second Tuesday have come to light.

Bruce Gillespie’s write-up of the anthology can be found on page 12 of SF Commentary No. 105, March 2021. You can read Bruce’s take on the stories here.

Over on BookBub, Ann McCauley has listed the book as a recommended title. Take a look at Ann’s comments here. You might have to be a member of the BookBub community to access that link, but you can also go here for the review.

Thanks so much to Ann and Bruce. We’re always tremendously grateful to anyone who reads the anthology, or who’s placed it in their reading pile on the bedside table. Remember, the best way to support writers is to read their work, or share it, or tell others about it. If you still haven’t got your very own copy of Every Second Tuesday, find out how you can get your hands on one here.

Happy reading and writing,

Elwood Writers

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