American Writers Review 2021: Turmoil and Recovery

As of this writing, the pandemic continues, killing record numbers of people. Moreover, countries that had enjoyed democratic governments are facing authoritarian attacks. Divisions run through the fabric of our homes, our families, our nations. At the same moment, there are wellsprings of hope, love, and connection.

‘Our 2021 Issue’, from American Writers Review website

A brand new edition of American Writers Review has just been released by San Fedele Press, and once again we’re excited to see the journal featuring original work from our own Elwood Writers Helen McDonald and Barry Lee Thompson.

American Writers Review 2021: Turmoil and Recovery

Helen has three poems in the book: ‘Aftermath’, ‘Covid Lockdown (an Haibun)’, and ‘Restoration’.

From Barry, there are three short stories: ‘Glassy’, ‘Afterdark’, and ‘First Day Of Summer’.

For more information, including how to get hold of a copy of American Writers Review 2021: Turmoil and Recovery, follow the links found here.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this latest issue. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Happy reading and writing, as always.

Elwood Writers

5 thoughts on “American Writers Review 2021: Turmoil and Recovery

  1. Reblogged this on Barry Lee Thompson and commented:

    My flash stories ‘Glassy’, ‘Afterdark’, and ‘First Day Of Summer’ are included in the 2021 edition of American Writers Review, published by San Fedele Press. The theme of this latest issue of the literary journal is ‘turmoil and recovery’. More info below, in a post from Elwood Writers.

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  2. Always great to hear from you, Elwood Writers. It’s been a crazy journey to the completion of Turmoil and Recovery. My own thought process about your contributions and others, we have recorded history of a sorts in this book with honest accounts on what affected lives through the 20-21 pandemic. We are thousands of miles away from each other, yet we have experienced the same emotions and fears as science came through to help eradicate a deadly virus. I will read these stores and poems many more times. Thank you for being willing to share to make our long hours of waiting a more enjoyable journey.

    fears and

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    1. We are loving reading these stories of Turmoil and Recovery Pat – accounts that bring us all together no matter the distance – and are thrilled to be represented in such an important journal of our times.

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