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“In March 2016 I wrote a short blog post for the Elwood Writers website, part of a series of contributions from each group member about our various writing methods. My piece looked at some of the reasons I write short fiction, the way I write, and how I structure my working days. I revisited the […]”

Click the link below to read the rest of Barry’s post:

Working Writer — Barry Lee Thompson

It’s good to know that old blog posts don’t go away, and can sometimes even be revived if they’re still relevant and interesting. There were five articles about writing methods and processes written by group members for this website in March 2016. It might be worth bringing some of the others up for air over the next few months. Something to consider and discuss at the next Elwood Writers meeting …

Happy blogging and reading!


9 thoughts on “Reblog from Barry’s website

  1. Amazing
    Barry’s post is great! I love how he breaks down how he writes and how it affects his work. It’s great to know that there are other writers out there who have the same struggles and ideas about how to write the perfect story.
    Frank/Best Website Builders

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  2. Congrats to you, and Margaret, Barry for your recent articles in Working Writer – everyone’s process is so different yet we get to the same place in the end.

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