The story behind ‘The Americans’ — Barry Lee Thompson

‘The Americans’ – the fourth story in Broken Rules and Other Stories – is an homage to the annual summer holidays I used to take with my parents when I was growing up. We would spend two weeks every year in a seaside location, usually in the UK. For many years Bournemouth, on the south […]

The story behind ‘The Americans’ — Barry Lee Thompson

We enjoyed reading this, Barry’s latest blog post, where he discusses the inspiration behind his short story ‘The Americans’, the fourth of the seventeen tales in his collection Broken Rules and Other Stories.

Elwood Writers met yesterday for its regular fortnightly workshop, and Barry reminded us that he’s exploring the background to each story from the book in turn, which means the next under the microscope will be ‘Gray’. We look forward to hearing how this one came about.

If you’d like to read all four posts so far in this series, you’ll find them together at this link here.

Happy reading.


6 thoughts on “The story behind ‘The Americans’ — Barry Lee Thompson

    1. It’s a pleasure, Barry. By the way, we can’t wait to see your post in the ‘currents’ series. By the end of March, you said. That’s come round quickly. Less than ten days to go. What’s that noise? Oh, it’s the clock ticking and tocking.


  1. It’s always fascinating to hear what motivates writers Barry. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you are working on in your ‘Currents’ post!

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